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Go on down and see that wrecking ball come swinging on along Everyone knew that hotel was a goner They broke all the windows, they took all the door knobs And they hauled it away in a couple of days Now someone yell timber and take off your hat It’s a lot smaller down here on the ground

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[Mon/Mar/2009 at 8:31pm]
I'm back! Sort of. Kind of. On another account, but back. It's roleofobjects, and if any of you would like to, are more than welcome to friend that account :)
070 break of daylight.

[Sat/Jan/2009 at 4:00pm]
So, I'm switching over to BlogSpot. Why?

-No ads on blogs.
-No ridiculous "OHOHLOGIN"
-No "Writer's Block" thingies.

I'll still be on to check up and lurk, but I'm updating (NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION (!!!)) at the-infamous-soapboxqueen.blogspot.com
030 break of daylight.

[Fri/Sep/2008 at 3:05pm]
My dad got an automated message today that said: "We are trying to deliver a message. We can wait no longer." CREEPY.
050 break of daylight.

[Sun/Aug/2008 at 7:03pm]
So here's how it works. Everyone comments anonymously with a word or a prompt or a picture or a video or SOMETHING, and then (either anonymously or signed in) people comment on other people's comments with a mix. If you're not into the whole music sharing thing, you can make a playlist either at Mixwit, Playlist, or Muxtape. If you are into the music sharing part, you can host the files on Mediafire, Megaupload, Sendspace, or a bazillion other sites.
010 break of daylight.

MEME TIME! [Thu/Jul/2008 at 3:05pm]

Alright, as it seems almost everyone I've talked to today has been in the general mood of "D:", I am starting a happy meme. Leave a comment with your username, and people will anonymously comment back with what they love about you. Easy, right?
04520 break of daylight.

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